About Cultural Connections

Cultural Connections is a social enterprise that empowers migrant communities to flourish by helping NZ companies to connect with migrants.

“Social enterprises are purpose-driven organisations that trade to deliver social and environmental impact.”

Ākina Foundation

Our Purpose (Why)

To shape the New Zealand of tomorrow where multicultural communities and business flourish together.

Our Mission (How)

We contribute a portion of each project profit to organisations serving multicultural communities.

Our Strategy (What)

We offer market research and insights on migrant population with proven commercial outcomes.

What makes our market research different?

Cultural Connections is the first social enterprise in New Zealand to specialise in researching migrants, which makes up 25% of New Zealand’s population.

Cultural Connections incentivises participants through intrinsic support for their multicultural community groups. By doing so, we raise awareness and help raise funding for them to support migrants across New Zealand.

Founder of Cultural Connections – Eric Chuah

Eric hosting the inaugural 2016 ANZ Diwali Awards which recognises
the unsung heroes in the Indian community.

Eric comes from a family line of migrants since his grandparents migrated from Fujian province of China in 1943 during World War II. Born in Malaysia where a multicultural society of Malays, Chinese, and Indians thrive harmoniously, Eric grew up with innate ability to connect with various ethnic groups. Since moving to New Zealand in 2013 to take up the role of Head of Migrant Banking with ANZ, Eric has forged a strong relationship with the various migrant community groups and applied his commercial acumen to raise the awareness of these groups. He is a firm believer in social enterprise where community groups and corporate business can flourish together.

Since launch, Eric is very humbled to be appointed the following positions

Board Trustee
Independent Advisor
Ethnic Media Advisor