Every time you engage with us, you are helping multicultural community groups to flourish.

Market Research (with a social purpose + outcome)

New Zealand is a multicultural country with more than 200 ethnic groups in the 2013 Census count, making it more diverse than Sydney, Los Angeles, London and even New York. With record high level of over 120,000 migrant arriving in 2016, migrants make up more than 25% of New Zealand’s population. Their financial power is 15 times of those born in New Zealand, making them an attractive segment of customers for many Kiwi companies.

Cultural Connections can help Kiwi companies to target migrants as a profitable customer segment through market research:

  • Understanding the current market position of the company such as brand consideration and market share;
  • Dive deep into customer satisfaction, intention to purchase, and drivers for customer attrition;
  • Methodically develop a customer value proposition that is effective and measurable;
  • Illuminate customers’ decision making process;
  • Providing insights into product ideation, design and testing that is customer centric.

Cultural Connections was established with a single social purpose of helping NZ multicultural community groups to flourish. The social outcome is to uplift the awareness and raise funding for the community groups. We aim to generate at least $50k in 2017 to distribute to the following community groups:

We can also assist with the following


  • Scope the potential revenue pool in migrant segment
  • Develop an implementable strategic blueprint that is migrant centric
  • Transform company branding that emotionally resonates with migrants

Staff Engagement

  • Training program to help managers engage with multicultural teams.
  • Vertical engagement programs that are effective and measurable
  • Talent retention and development


  • Professional translators that are well versed with over two decades of experience working with MNC’s.
  • Languages include Mandarin, Korean, Tagalog.

Are you an NGO’s supporting multicultural community groups?

With a proven track record in delivering win-win outcomes between community groups and commercial entities, Cultural Connections offers pro bono consulting in the following areas:

  • Purpose and strategy development
  • Funding and sponsorships
  • Community and member survey
  • Membership acquisition and retention
  • Social media strategy
  • Website improvement

Are you a small business owner who needs some help in translation?

1 out of 3 Kiwis feels there is a lack of multicultural integration into NZ society*. We think that’s not good enough. One simple thing we can do to improve that is by making sure migrant operated businesses are well signed with English translation so that everyone can understand and do business with you.

We can help you to translate your Chinese or Korean business signage, posters, and flyers into English for free. If you need some help to translate English signage into Chinese or Korean, we can also provide that service for free.

* Community Perceptions of Migrants and Immigration. MBIE 2015.

Are you new to New Zealand?

Founder of Cultural Connections, Eric, understands the challenges of being a new migrant in a new country. He is passionate about helping new migrants to find their feet and offers free mentoring and coaching over a casual coffee in the following areas:

  • Career development
  • Leadership and management
  • Effective communication
  • Financial management
  • Networking

Eric will be available by appointment at Luke’s Cafe at St Lukes Mall. Drop him an email and have a chat. Coffee is on the house☺